Sunday, June 7, 2009


Flat gladiator/Size 8/RM30 -SOLD OUT

pic credit to *p u m k i n*
Wedges gladiator/Size 5/RM70

pic credit to *p u m k i n*
Earth gladiator/Size 8/RM50

Flower dress

tube flower dress/FREE SIZE/RM30

Stripe Flower Dress/FREE SIZE/RM40 -SOLD OUT

Blue Flower Dress/FREE SIZE/RM35 -RESERVED


Green blouse/FREE SIZE/RM35

Stripes blouse/FREE SIZE/RM40

Red top/Size XL/RM30 -SOLD OUT

Blue top/Size XL/RM30 -SOLD OUT

Brown checkered/Size XL/RM25 -SOLD OUT

Green top/FREE SIZE/RM25

SEED long top/Size S/RM30